Progressive Weight Loss – and Trigger Point Product Review

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171 lbs this morning…so down 5 lbs since I started really trying…

pro-gres-sive = happening gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step

Progressive weight loss sucks….but a loss is a loss. I seriously just want that first full 10 lbs gone so my clothes fit without muffin tops, and so I don’t have to suck my stomach in to get my winter coat zipped up.

I feel like I had a pretty good week eating wise, but I think its time to track every morsel of food. Maybe the little nibbles here and there are adding up!

The workouts this week have been awesome, though. I am 4 for 4 this week, having done my planned workout every single day. And good ones too!!

Monday – FTP test was really hard, and my number went down from last year, (160 last year to 155 this year) but I expected that. Was fun to bike with a group in B’s garage instead of on the trainer in the basement! Will do another test in January before starting my training for St. George.

Tuesday – Went for a run with Becky and actually felt good running!! Finally after 2 weeks I didn’t feel like I had lead legs. We kept it doable, running 10 minutes and walking 2, for 3 miles.

Wednesday – 30 minutes on the bike at the gym, and then some crossfit workout I had written down:

12 minutes, AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

  • 12 toes to kettlebell
  • 9 box jumps
  • 6 kettlebell swings (35 pounds- I think…the numbers are all rubbed off of the kettlebells at the gym so I guesstimated 😉

Thursday – This morning I ran on the treadmill at the gym. The pressure was on because Lacey, the little energizer bunny, was pounding away on the treadmill beside me.

But I stuck to my plan of running 10 minutes and walking 2 minutes for 3 miles. When I finished the 3 miles, I was at 400 something calories on the treadmill. Now I know that this is an estimate and not super accurate on the treadmill, but it is still fun to use these things as motivation.

So I decided to walk some incline to get to 500 calories burned. Plus its never too early to start getting the hamstrings and butt ready for the St. George climbs!!

This mornings Breakfast:

Blueberry and banana smoothie with 1tbsp MCT oil and Greens +…..Delicious!

Today is my high carb day…. I love my high carb day because I get to have a sandwich at lunch with the super grainy, Ancient Grains bread, loaded with chicken and vegetables. Comfort food for me! And tonight I will be making roasted sweet potatoes and meatballs, with broccoli. Yum!

I wish high carb days meant eating bowls of pasta, drizzled in olive oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper…..but sadly it ain’t so 🙁

Recipe for this week:

Healthy Hot Chocolate

2 tbsp xylitol

1 tbsp cocoa (for even richer flavor use dutch processed cocoa)

Mix this with a little cold milk with a wire wisk.

Add hot milk to fill the cup and you have delicious, sugar free hot chocolate!


Many people are looking for healthier alternatives to sugar, ones that won’t spike their blood sugar levels. Right now my favourite is Xylitol because it measures exactly to sugar, so there is no guessing to the amounts needed. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that will not have any impact on blood sugar.

Xylitol is very low on the glycemic index scale, but has about 10 calories per teaspoon. Something to keep in mind if you’re keeping a close eye on the calories!

It also can be fatal to dogs if eaten, so it needs to be kept away from pets, especially if your dog is a scavenger like mine!


Erythritol is also in the sugar alcohol family. It is zero on the glycemic index scale and has almost no calories at all. Both xylitol and erythritol are gentle on the stomach, but erythritol is more gentle than xylitol. Also I find it sweeter than xylitol, so you need to adjust according to taste.

If you have a SUPER sensitive stomach, and even these sweeteners bother you, then it is best to stick to Pure Stevia.


THM has a pure stevia that has the highest potency (99%) available of rebiana, which is the sweetest part of the stevia leaf. Because of this, their stevia does not have too much of the gross aftertaste that many stevias do.

In my opinion, it still takes some getting used to, but is much cheaper because you need a tiny little amount of it to provide quite a bit of sweetness. I find Xylitol and Erythritol quite expensive, but you can buy them at Bulk Barn or online.

Store bought Truvia is stevia/erythritol blend. This is a good alternative as well!

Where to buy Trim Healthy Mama products:

If you are looking to buy THM products, you can do so in a few different place. You can buy through Amazon on the link below (I would receive a tiny commission…I did not find any of their other sweeteners on there), or from, which is in Saskatchewan, or https://naturallytrimcanadainc… (also in Saskatchewan).  It is usually cheaper to get the sweeteners through the website, but they have a hard time keeping them in stock!!



Trigger Point Therapy

With all that working my muscles more than they are used to, I get a little sore (maybe “a lot” sore is a better description) so I have spent quite a bit of time with my Original GRID® Foam Roller and my Quadballer™. For those who might be unfamiliar with these things, it is basically a self massage for sore muscles. Watch this video for more info!

I seem to get a lot of issues with tight calves when I first start running after taking some time off, and I feel it in my ankles. I have found out over time that if I use the foam roller to “roll out” the muscles in my calves, it loosens the muscles and helps the soreness.

It also feels so good to roll my back and hips, especially after a hard bike ride or run! The foam roller is just one of TPs products. I really love the quadballer as well as its concave design helps get deeper than the foam roller for those stubborn knots in my muscles!

Another product we have and use a lot is the TP Massage Ball. We use this while driving, putting it between the seat and upper back. It helps with tension while driving!

*Trigger Point does not ship to Canada, but you can find their products on Amazon as well.






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Variety in Fitness – Keeping it Fun!

I didn’t get together with friends for any workouts this past week, but I got some good workouts in on my own. I don’t mind working out alone, but it definitely is more fun to workout with like-minded people! I didn’t plan my workouts, and that is one of the things I was totally going to do, so I don’t have to think about my workouts, I just have to do them! New goal for this week is to plan every one of my workouts….will write it down at the end of this post!

What I did do….

Monday morning started out with a run on the treadmill at the gym. I do own a treadmill, but there are two reasons I rarely use it….

First, my treadmill is in the basement, and my house isn’t super soundproof. I don’t want my kids waking up at 6 am to me pounding on the treadmill. Second, at the gym I can put my headphones in, turn the music up, and not pay attention to anything but running. I can let my mind wander. At home, I see everything that needs to be done, and I worry about not hearing the kids if they are calling me.

Anyways, the run sucked as usual. I look forward to the day that I love running again. I had to run 5 minutes walk 2 minutes to get through 3 miles. I have a long way to go!! My legs just feel like bricks.

Tuesday I did some body weight exercises on my break at work but it was nothing strenuous.

Wednesday was no workout.

Thursday was back at the gym doing a workout that involved rowing a total of 1500m, 90 sit ups, and 90 lunges. After I was done with that I got on the treadmill again and “ran” for 20 minutes doing incline and intervals, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk.

My poor body is SO not used to this stuff!

Friday I got on the bike, and originally planned on doing a FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test to see where I am at on the bike and to gauge where I am at for future workouts. But I was just SO sore from the lunges, I knew it would not be an accurate test. So I just did 45 minute bike (on the trainer) with some intervals. If I was more fit and a little bit brave and crazy….I would have joined some crazy friends for an outdoor ride! But not there yet….

Saturday was a walk….boring I know, but felt good.

What I am Planning to Do…

Though I love to do my workouts in the morning before my day starts, Mondays might have to be the exception. Monday night a bunch of friends meet in a garage to do a bike workout on the trainers. I have never joined, but that’s about to change.

Monday I plan on joining the group and from what I understand, everyone will be doing a FTP test! That works out perfect for me because I didn’t get it done last week. For those who might not know the importance of the FTP test…

Functional Threshold Power is a measure of your fitness, and is the power that you could maintain for an hour. We use Trainer Road and do a 20 minute test. Trainer Road uses this info for every workout you do, to maximize the benefit you get from each bike trainer workout. This is definitely useful in Canada where we have to spend a lot of time on the trainer for 8 months out of the year! And it keeps bike workouts interesting as you have a power goal for every single workout…keeps the boredom at bay! A FTP test should be done at the beginning of your training season, before starting a new training plan, and about every six weeks in your training plan. Check out this short video on the 20-minute FTP test…

I highly recomend anyone who trains with a bike trainer to get Trainer Road…it is a great tool for success!!

Tuesday will be either an early run on the treadmill, or if it works out, a mid-morning run outside. I think outside runs are much better for fitness as you have to propel yourself forward rather than keep up to the belt! I did find the recommendation to always keep the treadmill at 1% incline to kind of simulate running outside…because running outside is never totally flat.

Wednesday will be a gym workout, doing about 30 minutes on the bike, and then 3 sets of box jumps alternating with planks and other core work.

Thursday is a 3-mile run on the treadmill…my goal – 10 minutes running alternating with 2 minutes walking.

Friday is going to be a bike ride on the trainer with Trainer Road! Not sure which workout am going to do, but can really pick any 1 hour workout from over 1000+ workouts to choose from.

Saturday….I am going to try to convince Becky to come with me to the Saturday morning group run. I love running with other people, but its really humbling when you can’t keep pace at all. The good thing is, it pushes me to do better and I need that push.


I really don’t feel I have been successful at fulfilling my goals at this point. I started 2 weeks ago and haven’t followed through on doing every single workout I have planned. Part of that was not actually planning all of my workouts! But I feel better being more active then I have been for a while. This week am going to do EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT.

I am going to be checking in on Thursday with a weigh in and my thoughts on the Trigger Point products!

Feel free to leave a comment on what YOU use to get through your bike workouts on the trainer, or how you stay consistent with your training 🙂

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One Week Weight Loss – It’s a start!

I lost 2 pounds this week! Not much but it’s a start! I had one of those weeks when there were many obstacles and I did not pass all of them, but I did better than I expected considering attending a big 40th anniversary celebration! When starting out I think it is harder to navigate through these incredibly tempting situations. So I looked up tips to get through food temptations in the future and thought I would share them with you! This week my goal is to vastly improve on my one week weight loss!

But First….

As I mentioned last week, I did a crossfit workout, run, and kickboxing on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I had wooden legs and took the day off….which was a bad idea, because Thursday was a planned kickboxing workout in the evening, and then I got called into work! These situations do come up, but I need to plan for them. I could have totally did a DVD workout, or even a core workout, squats, lunges…..anything! But I didn’t so I had two wasted workout days. After sleeping Friday morning (I work night shift) it was off to the city to finish gathering things for my parents 40th Anniversary party. No workout….ahhhh!

Saturday morning, we did a 5km race with the kids that was a fundraiser for the local food bank. Man, I was so glad that I was running with my 8 year old, and she likes to walk quite a bit. I don’t know what I would have done if she wanted to run lots, because my legs felt like wooden pegs! They didn’t want to move and were sluggish. But we finished and the kids enjoyed it!

I need to be running at least 3 times a week to get used to running again, because so far this is bad news!! Running a half-marathon after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles is hard enough as it is. I need to get really comfortable running now to be able to run off of the bike later.

Oh, the food…

Keeping the food in check, is always my weakness. My week was OK food wise for the most part, but the girl’s luncheon Monday was a hiccup, and the Anniversary celebration was a cheat day that I had planned for. (My friend Correen make the best cakes ever, and I was not losing my chance to have a piece!)

This week is going to be a great week. A few years ago I read ‘>Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More book, and it looked like something I could do. My diet is heavily based on pasta and bread, and I know that eliminating those a few days a week could really benefit me! Especially since at this point my goal is weight loss along with building my fitness base.

I will follow the turbo cycle from the book for a while, I think for at least a month, but maybe more if it is going well. The turbo cycle is 2 days of low carb eating followed by 1 day of high carb eating, and then Sundays as a free day…no planning but no pigging out either!

In my meal planning, I am following the KISS method….KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! It might get a little boring but it will sure make grocery shopping easy. It will go like this:

Low Carb Days

  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs with veggies and salsa
  • Lunch – Large salad with olives, feta, avocado, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, chia seeds, and drizzled with homemade olive oil vinegrette
  • Snack – Raw veggies and cheese with a keto ranch dressing
  • Supper – Meat (Steak, chicken, occasionally pork (not a fan), and once a week, fish) and veggies

High Carb Days

  • Breakfast – Fruit and protein smoothie with Greens + and dry oatmeal blended in
  • Lunch – Whole grain brown toast with deli meat and veggies
  • Snack – Fruit and Cottage cheese
  • Supper – Meat, Veggies, and roasted sweet potatoes

If after a week I want to switch it up a little, I will, but these are my favorite foods so I think it will be fine!

Tips To Say No!

I so easily tend to give in to food I know isn’t good for me. So I looked up strategies to keep in mind when I am in a situation where I want to leave the plan I have chosen to make for myself. Here is what I think will work for me!

  1. Plan Ahead – Seems obvious, but if I know I will be somewhere that I will be tempted to eat junk food, I need to make sure I drink lots of water ahead of time, and have a small protein snack such as cheese or even some nuts, and even have a go-cup with tea or something in it to keep my hands busy!
  2. Eat Enough Protein and Fat – Protein keeps me feeling full longer and fat makes me feel satisfied. If I include these in most of my meals, I think it will be easier for me to pass up the chips!
  3. Play Mind Games – I do these anyways while convincing myself it’s OK to eat something unhealthy, so why not turn it around to convince myself that something really doesn’t taste as good as I think it does?! My second favorite chocolate treat is Reese Peanut butter cups. I have told myself before that they taste like plastic (and it is kinda true), and have taken one bite and threw it out, because it really did taste gross to me at that point. My favorite chocolate treat is nanaimo squares, and I still have not figured out a way to convince myself that they don’t taste good, because they truly are delicious!
  4. Drink enough Water – I mentioned this in number 1, but it’s worth mentioning again, because I have serious problems with not drinking enough. I think this is a huge contributor to my issue of constantly grazing and eating mindlessly!
  5. Distract Myself – If I am tempted to binge, I am going to try distract myself by focusing on another task for a while. There is always laundry to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, dog to be walked…. I might end up with a clean house while I am losing weight! BONUS!

This week is going to be a GREAT week!

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Get Up Get Moving!! Mid week check in

Monday started with meeting a friend at 5 am at “the tree”, to go to a Crossfit class. I tell you, one way to make sure you get up and get moving early is to be friends with people who make fitness a priority…and who will go straight to an early morning crossfit class after working the night shift!




I did crossfit last year for about 6 months, but had never done a class before. I had a coach send me weekly workouts that I could do at the gym in town. I loved it, but the class I took Monday was definitely more fun, just because there are so many other people there encouraging each other! Plus, when you do crossfit at a regular gym, people look at you like …..

Anyways, it was a great time and I will be going back! Thankfully Crossfit Framework has punch passes for classes so I can go to one class a week if I want and not be paying the monthly fee!



Tuesday morning I met Becky for a run (I use the term “run” very loosely here). She is good to me. She didn’t complain at all that I had to walk at least 5 times in a 3 mile run. Seriously. And we weren’t even running fast! My legs were so sore from squats at crossfit, and it felt like my hamstrings were in bunches….but that just sounds like an excuse…which it probably is 🙂 I stretched a little afterward, but not near enough of course. Another goal I have is trying to stay limber! Maybe I need to take a yoga class…



Tuesday night was kickboxing. I always enjoy it, especially doing it with my daughter. But of course this night, there were jump squats involved. Now I am really whining, but by Wednesday, I was so stiff I decided to only stretch and make good use of my foam roller, which has been collecting dust for a while now! Its one of those “hurts so good” things, and I felt a lot better after that.


What’s coming up

Today will be an hour of skating with the kids, and an hour of kickboxing tonight. Only one more class left after tonight!! Tomorrow I plan to do a crossfit workout at the gym in town, and run the Claus Cause 5 km with the family on Saturday!


How was the diet

Mondays lunch was pretty good….lol! We had our first girls lunch in a long time with a bunch of friends, potluck style. The food was delicious, but not high on the nutritious end!

Those kinds of things happen though and that’s OK. The rest of the week has been pretty good, but I haven’t been writing down what I eat, and I think I need to do that. Otherwise I think I am doing great, and wondering why I don’t lose weight but might be eating without thinking sometimes. I have been doing OK on the water, though not the full 80 oz a day, which is my goal, but at least 60 oz, so that is an improvement.



I also wanted to share a recipe for a drink for coffee drinkers called a “Trimmy”, that has no affiliation with “Timmys” 😉 and was made up by the ladies from Trim Healthy Mama

Along with the coffee, it has MCT oil, and Collagen.

MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are the fats found in coconut oil, and are said to help retain lean muscle mass, help with weight management, and is supposed to be anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Definitely worth taking! But if you do start taking this, start with a tsp a day and work up to a tbsp, or you may get stomach cramps.

Collagen is a protein and one of the most important building blocks in the body. It makes up over a third of your body’s proteins. It helps with muscle repair, hormone balance, and promoting healthy skin, teeth, and hair! It is rich in glycine, which is supposed to have an anti-stress effect.



12 oz hot coffee

1 tsp-1tbsp MCT oil, or same amount of butter or coconut oil

1/2 tbsp-1 tbsp Collagen

1/8 tsp Sunflower Lecithin (optional..creamifys the drink)

stevia or other natural sweetener

1 tsp whey protein (optional, but makes the drink frothy!)

Just blend and drink!


Hoping you are all having a great week, and we will see what the scale says on Monday!! Let me know if you try this drink and how you like it. Might put a non caffeinated one on next week. 🙂



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The Plan for Success – Here I go! (Again)

Why do we always start a diet and exercise plan on a Monday? Or maybe not everyone does. I don’t know, but it just seems impossible for me to start on a weekday. Maybe because Mondays are a new work or school week, and we get back into routine. Or it could be we just want to let go and feast on the weekend….

Whatever the reason, its Monday, a fresh start, and I am hoping this will be a successful journey!

The plan for success

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Wise words for any area of life. I think the only way I am going to succeed at the goals I have for the next 25 weeks are to plan, plan, plan! Every workout and every meal needs to be planned at least a week ahead of time, and this is going to be challenge for me. I tend to procrastinate a lot, and this is what has thrown me off of good diet and exercise weeks before! I would start out good, but then forget to make sure I had enough healthy food in the house, or I would plan full days where I wouldn’t give myself enough time to have a workout AND shower.

I also have found out that it is best for me to workout in the morning. Generally I get up early, but I really don’t like to get moving early. I sit and read, drink a couple cups of coffee…. but once everyone is awake and needs breakfast, then start school work, then lunch, housecleaning, laundry, etc….suddenly the time and energy to workout has disappeared.

So my plan is to workout at 6 a.m every morning. It is going to be brutal the first few weeks just making myself do the workout every morning…. I can so easily just stay in my chair, and fill my coffee cup one more time. But I am hoping that by staying accountable on here, writing weekly updates, that it will push me to keep going.

My plan for right now in the eating department is going to be carb cycling. It seems to make the most sense at this point while I am trying to lose weight and build a fitness base. There are so many different eating plans out there and everyone claims that theirs is the best. I have tried so many, and truthfully, they probably all work if a person sticks to them. I think we just need to find the one that works for us individually. It seems most people that have succeeded at weight loss have tried many times before succeeding….so my goal is to keep trying until something works! And still have fun doing it. I love a lot of different food, and I won’t eat things like plain, dry chicken breast with slimy beans or something equally unappetizing, so I will have to search out some good, healthy recipes! I also like a lot of the Trim Healthy Mama drinks, so will incorporate those too.


The Workoutskettle bells

At this point, I need to build a good fitness base so I don’t get injured by doing something my body is not ready to do. I am going to swim, bike, and run one time each in a week to start getting a base there, and then the other 3 days of the week will be weight training. I generally find weight training boring, so I am going to go through some of my crossfit workouts that I did last year to mix things up a bit. And each workout will be one hour long. So six hours of working out each week. The National Weight Control Registry stats show that 90% of its participants who have lost weight and kept it off for at least one year, workout about 1 hour each day! That motivates me right there. But based on experience, I can’t out exercise a bad diet! So everything has to come together.

The Food

From what I have read on carb cycling, I like the idea. You can do it a few different ways:

  1. Alternate 1 low carb day and 1 high carb day through the week with 1 free day.
  2. 2 high carb days, followed by a low carb day and repeat with 1 free day.
  3. 2 low carb days, followed by a high carb day and repeat with 1 free day.

Since my focus is on weight loss and my workouts will not be as intense as when I am in full triathlon training, I plan to do option number 3. If this is causing me problems in a few weeks, I will re-evaluate.
One of the things I way overeat on is bread and pasta. A typical “I just want to eat, even though I am not hungry” snack would be whole wheat bread with peanut butter, or pasta drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh ground pepper….my mouth is watering just thinking about it! So bread and pasta are out of the question for a while. I know they aren’t all bad, but they are a weakness, so the plan to succeed does not include them at this point!!



I NEVER DRINK ENOUGH WATER. I even bought a 40 oz steel water bottle from Costco last year…all I would have to do is drink two of those full a day and I would have plenty of water!! It worked for about a week and then I “forgot” again. I think this will definitely be one of the keys to my success this time around! I drink a lot of coffee and sometimes tea, so I maybe just need to cut back on a few coffees and replace them with a herbal tea or just plain old water! I also like the some of the drinks from Trim Healthy Mama that include apple cider vinegar, and turmeric and those kinds of good things, so I will be posting my favourite recipes on here!

So here you have it…my plan to succeed!





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Ironman 70.3 St. George – My Goal!!

Goals. We all need them to succeed at something, but the hardest part is staying focused on our goals! I am sharing my goals with you to keep me motivated and going in the right direction, and at the same time, hopefully motivating you to begin or continue your journey in fitness as well!

Where my story begins

My husband, John, began doing triathlons about 10 years ago when a friend convinced him to enter a local triathlon. The tri bug bit him hard! He did a couple of sprint triathlons and then jumped right into the half ironman distance, and the full ironman distance!

I loved being at these events. It was so inspiring and motivating to be around all of these people, of all ages, pushing themselves to finish the event they had spent so long training for. And I wanted to be one of them.

When I was 6 months pregnant with our last child, my husband bought me my first road bike. That first year I didn’t even take the bike off of the trainer, and didn’t use it a lot. But the next year, I went out for a ride with a group of friends, on a non windy, beautiful evening. I LOVED it!!

I signed up for a nearby sprint distance triathlon, with an open water swim. I sink more than I float in the water, and I had not practiced swimming with a wet suit….and the water was cold! So I wore a wet suit (a borrowed one that was a bit small…), which helped keep me afloat, but I panicked, felt I couldn’t breathe, and swallowed a whole lot of lake water flavoured with sea doo exhaust. But the bike was so much fun, and the run was OK too.

Fast forward a few years. I finally gather up the courage (with a lot of encouragement from my husband and friends) to sign up for my first 70.3 distance half ironman event in Boise, Idaho, 2014. Training was fun, and the race was fantastic!! I took a few years off and then decided to do Ironman 70.3 St. George, 2017. This is one of the harder 70.3 races, but I had fallen in love with St. George, Utah, when John was doing the full Ironman there. When it switched to 70.3, he continued to race in St George, and our kids also looked forward to our yearly trips there. My friend and training partner who is around the same pace as I am, also signed up. But somewhere along the training season, my motivation fell off. I did not train consistently, and I gained 15 pounds over the year. (I blame it on the rum and eggnog;) Then my friends husband was diagnosed with cancer a few days before the race. Here I was, ready to start a hard race, fat and untrained, and not having my friend able to do it with me. To say my race sucked would be an understatement. But I finished within the time limit and swore I would NEVER do that race again….

Where I am going

I am going to Ironman 70.3 St. George, on May 5, 2018. It does not sit well with me to leave a bad experience in such a beautiful city! I need a re-do. I am determined to succeed. Success to me is maybe different from what success is to someone else. I think we can all decide what success means to us individually. When it comes to triathlon, some athletes simply would like to finish, and finish in the allotted time. Others would like to beat a previous time, or even place top ten in their age group. For me, success at Ironman St. George would mean

  • Finishing
  • Finishing with a much better time than last year
  • Have more fun than last year!!

The first goal is always to finish (though I did want to quit before I hit the first bouy on the Ironman 70.3 St George swim…) Even if I have a crappy race, I want to finish. But it would be so much fun to get a better time AND enjoy this beautiful but tough course!

How I am going to get there

I will get there with a plan. As of Saturday, I have 25 weeks until race day. I will spend the next 9 weeks building a good fitness base and putting some focus on weight loss. Because as much as I know I can do the race at 170 lbs….. I really dont want to. It jiggles a lot, and the jiggles start to hurt a lot. Besides, I really want to be one of those 70 year olds doing Ironman someday…that’s the only chance I will have to make it to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii :D. And if I break my body because it’s carrying too much weight, then that’s not going to happen.

After I have spent 9 weeks fitness building, I will start 16 weeks of triathlon training. I will figure out the specifics of that plan closer to when that time comes, but it will probably involve swimming three times a week, biking three times a week, and running three times a week. Maybe I will fit in some strength training in there too.

Training with friends is so much more fun, so I am going to definitely work that in! And they can call me out on here if I bail on them….that should keep me from canceling…



I am planning to post weekly on my progress or (hopefully not) my lack thereof, both in the training department and in the weight department. I will let you know what I have learned, what I still have to learn, and post pictures along the way. I am excited to do this and hope you will enjoy the journey as well!

Remember, you CAN do this too, so join me and let me know how you are doing on your fitness journey!





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