8 Weeks Until Ironman 70.3 St. George!!

This past Saturday was officially 8 weeks until Ironman 70.3 St. George. I am excited, and a little nervous… the swim training is still not where it should be. But I console myself that I survived last year with very little training period. And I still have time to step it up! Especially since the weather should be better from here on out, so no excuses of snowy roads my reason for not making it to the pool!

On Saturday is the Moonlight Run in Lethbridge. I have signed up for the 10km, but have not been running much at all, in fact not even once this past week. I have not felt any pain in my ankle so I should be running now again.

I have considered just not doing the Moonlight Run, even though I signed up for it, because I have not been running enough. That’s a bad attitude that has kind of gotten into my brain.

When we first started doing races about 10ish years ago, I would never consider not doing a race I had signed up for. After all, they cost a decent amount of money!!

And runners etiquette is that you cannot wear the swag of the race if you did not do it 😉

One time while doing a half-marathon in Calgary, I threw up a couple miles in to the race, and quit.

Then came other 50kms, half-marathons, shorter races and one 70.3 that I did not show up to for various reasons.

The problem is, even if it is a valid excuse not to do the race, it becomes easier and easier to just not show up if you are not feeling like doing it.

But then the comments start… like, “Are you actually going to race? Or just sign up for the race?”

These are well deserved comments, so I need to recommit myself to doing every race I sign up for. It is not a good feeling to know you signed up for something and then backed out…especially if it wasn’t for a very good reason!

So I will let you know next week how the race goes… I have to do the race now in order to tell you how great it was 😉

This Past Week

This past week was a great week!

Not that I did enough exercise but in my life it was a memorable week… lol.

It started great with a really good bike on Monday, and then a FTP test on the bike on Tuesday. It went up 3 watts, which is still not where I should be, but in a few weeks I am going to try a different FTP test than the one I usually do. I don’t think this one is reflecting the power I can put out, but that could just be me overestimating my abilities.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday, did a course at work Friday morning and then went out for supper and shopping with my hubby and oldest child…


It is really, really wierd because I feel too young to have an 18 year old. Maybe we are never prepared for our first baby to turn 18, but it is pretty nice to be able to send him to the liquor store if I want some wine!! HEHE

We went shopping and then to the Keg for supper since that was his choice for restaurant. We have never taken any of our kids to the Keg, since that would be way out of our budget, but it was fun just to take him.

We sat in the lounge… because we could. And ordered steak. As a side note, this was the first time I have ever ordered steak at the Keg. I always order chicken or fish. I have never been a big fan of steak, but since starting Keto, I have really learned to appreciate a good steak!

The steak was good… but I ordered a side of mushrooms since that has always been my favourite thing to order there. Now its been a few years since we have eaten there, but I was very disappointed.

The mushrooms used to come in a sizzling, hot, cast iron pan and were seasoned to perfection. THAT is what I would look forward to at our rare visits to the Keg.

These mushrooms came luke warm in a low, cold dish, and were bland. When I tried to poke them with the fork, they were so rubbery I almost shot it into the martini glass sitting on the bar!!

Oh well. We had a good evening overall. Saturday night was birthday party night. I had more glasses of wine then I normally do, and while I didn’t eat non-keto foods, I definitely did not skimp on calories!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the artichoke dip, sausage, cheese, pickles, french onion dip, and Brie with a little red pepper jelly. I guess I did cheat a little there as red pepper jelly is a sugar first ingredient….

And the Number on the Scale Was a Reflection….

…. of my calorie high weekend.

Earlier in the week I had lost another half a pound to put me at 156.5….. just a half a pound away from the 20lbs lost mark!

But after the weekend that half a pound came back and I am still at 157.

And that is OK!

I am not just saying that through gritted teeth…. I am actually really OK with that, because we need to enjoy ourselves once in a while without being obsessed with the numbers on the scale after that.

Right back at it and hoping to lose a full pound this week. I want to hit the 20lb mark!!

My Goals this Week

I am working 3 days this week and doing school with the kids the other 2 days…. but I need to get exercise in there somewhere.

I am having a hard time getting to the gym in the morning, can’t go during my lunch or supper break, and am too tired when I get done work to go!

The way I see it, especially on days I don’t work out, I need to watch those calories. I love eating cheese, and dips and all kinds of yum, but need to scale back a bit since I am not burning too many calories.

Wednesday I need to bike and swim, Thursday is a run and Moonlight Run is Saturday…

That’s all I can say for sure right now!

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