It Was a Great Week – With a Few Bumps!

Sometimes its hard to see progress from day to day, so I like looking at the whole week to measure whether I consider it a successful week or not. And last week….it was a great week!

Not perfect since there is rarely such a thing, but I am very happy with how things went.

Monday I got a good swim and bike in, Wednesday I biked and Thursday I had some serious spring fever, and had to get outside for a run!

It was so beautiful….around -3 degrees and not a whole lot of wind. But I did forget to look at the flag at the school….

Being that 98% of the time (by my estimation 😉 the wind comes from the west here, we have a habit of running towards the west at the beginning of our runs, so that the wind is at our back on the way home.

I am pretty sure I had a huge grin on my face for the first 1.5 miles along the river. It was so beautiful and not even a little bit of a breeze! I was actually feeling over dressed, but feeling pretty good on my run.

When I turned around to head home, I realized there was actually a north/east breeze blowing, so it was a little chilly, but not terrible. But shortly after I turned around to run home, I was hobbling because of my ankle.

In the past few years, even when I am not exercising at all, I have had instances where I will be going down the stairs, or even just step wrong, and it feels like I twisted my ankle.

I have even had it happen when I was running down a hill.

It seems so random though. One step I will be doubled over, and the next step doesn’t hurt at all.

The source seems to be in my calf. The muscles in my left calf are more tight and knotted than in my right calf. It feels like this is pulling muscles or tendons over my ankle area and that is causing the pain.

This is my unprofessional opinion.

Anyways, in the days leading up to my wonderful outdoor run, I had been having a few instances of feeling this pain. But since it usually goes away, I ignored it, and was determined to enjoy this run.

On the way back, I stopped several times to try to stretch my calf muscles and then keep running. I ended up hobbling over a mile home.

It was bad enough that if there was someone at home that could have picked me up, I would have phoned….and I HATE asking for help.

I made it home, but from compensating for my ankle and walking weird, my hip hurt for the next few days.

But it was still a gorgeous day and I am glad I got outside before the cold and snow hit yet again on Friday!

Thankfully after some massage sessions from John (where I literally had tears rolling down my face and my kids disappeared because I was yelling in pain) and some quality time on the roller, I don’t feel the pain anymore while walking. I won’t run for a few more days, but the bike doesn’t hurt at all, so I can keep on rolling on there!

And the Scale

Another nice surprise on the scale this week as I was down another 2 lbs!! I was 157 lbs on the scale this morning. That was pretty exciting!!

Last week when I weighed in at 159 lbs I thought it was just a fluke… that the scale was being generous or it was because it was the week after the funnest time of the month.

I am still not doing anything different than I have been since November. Still eating the same things.

Maybe my body just needed some time to adjust. Maybe because I have tried to lose weight so many times, it was in survival mode.

Either way, I hope that the numbers keep going down. I have 9 weeks left until Race Day and I am crazy excited!!

I dislike pictures of myself, and looking at pictures of last years race, I really dislike all the bulges and the XL rear end…

I am hoping this year the pictures are a little more friendly…cause there is no lying about your size when you are wearing spandex bike shorts!!

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