Live Life On Purpose – We Are Only Given One

We were reminded again this past week how quickly our lives can change. The tragedy of the crash involving the bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and the semi has deeply affected people around the world. In a world that seems so cold most of the time, it is heartening to see so much compassion!

It is also a reminder never to take our lives or our loved ones for granted. Each day we have together is a gift!

We all need to live life on purpose. Stop being a spectator in your own life and start being a participant! That can mean different things to different people, but definitely be proactive in things that are important to you!

That is partly why I participate in triathlon, running, biking…. because it makes me feel good and energetic. I like working my muscles, I want to stay fit, and I want my kids to be inspired to stay active through their adult life.

But I definitely feel guilty too. Especially around this time, when I am only 3 weeks out from the race. My bike rides are up to around 2 hours, I need to go to Lethbridge or Claresholm to swim, which is altogether at least 2 hours out of my day, and now I am needing massages and physio for tight muscles and other things.

That combined with working does take me away from the kids a fair amount. I am working mostly nights so I am home more often during the days, but kinda foggy at times.

And when I am home, we are making sure all the school work gets done. We definitely don’t see grandparents and siblings as much as we would like! And fun activities as a family haven’t been in abundance lately either.

But I remind myself this is for a short time. After the race at the beginning of May, we can go into chill mode.

My workouts will be shorter and more relaxed, the kids start swim club (which they love) and as it warms up (Because we know it will….) we will start mountain biking, hiking, and making trips to Waterton again.

And besides, the kids are so excited for going to St. George! They love it there so much and are disappointed the years that we don’t go!

Massage and Physio

Last week I went to a physiotherapist to see if we could figure out why my ankle is being wonky. He found the giant knot in my calf, which I knew about, but thinks the problem may be a nerve. The knot in my calf could be giving this nerve issues on its way down. So he gave me some exercises to try and I have been using the TENs machine on it. (Electrical nerve stimulation.

I go back to physio on Friday for a follow up. I went for one run last week and took it easy. I could feel the pain a little and had to stop and stretch my calf a few times, but hopefully its on the mend!

Today I went for another massage. It is costly, but I feel it is so necessary right now!! I just can’t seem to massage my muscles good enough on the foam roller at this point. And it just feels so good! I just need to stop scheduling Costco after my massage… that definitely needs to be pre-massage as it is stressful to go shopping there!


So I just did one little half hour run, a couple 2 hour bike rides, and this morning I did 1900 m in the pool. The swim felt really good today! Once I got into a rhythm, it seemed to go fast. I actually got so in the zone I almost hit the end wall a few times!!

Even though I don’t generally love swimming, I am thinking about joining the Masters swim class that Fort Macleod Swim Club is doing this summer. Maybe with a little instruction, I might start to really enjoy it!

What I am REALLY looking forward to doing after St. George, is getting back into Crossfit. I like the variety of the workouts and the strength training. I think on my body frame I can stand to lose another 20 lbs… but I never want to be considered scrawny or skinny!

The Scale

The scale went down and up this week, but settled back at 154 lbs, so no change since last week. This is to be expected and I don’t mind. I am still happily following the Ketogenic Diet, and it isn’t a struggle at all.

I very rarely crave any food that is sugar or carb filled, but I still enjoy my wine, which has a bit of both. This summer will be interesting with camping and day trips, but I think with a bit of planning, it will be very doable to stick to the plan!

24 days until Race Day!!

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