My First Brick Workout…..EVER!!

When it comes to triathlon, a brick workout is a very good thing to be doing regularly. A brick workout is where you do a bike workout followed by a run, or a swim followed by a bike. Since the order of triathlon is swim, bike, then run, it is good to get used to the way you feel started the next part of the triathlon.

I have been doing triathlon for a few years now, but this past Saturday was my first brick workout ever!! I have never done one, simply because I am usually too lazy to. I have been told many times how good it is to get used to the feeling of jello legs when you start the run.

When starting the run, my legs will have been used to biking for 3+ hours. It is a weird feeling to have to run on those legs and you can even feel off-centre a little. Kinda the same as when you come out of the water after being horizontal for an hour (less for most people) and then having to run up a ramp… I tend to run like a drunk person out of the water!

Anyways, Saturday I had the time and desire, since it was nice weather, to try a brick. So I did a 2 1/2 hour bike and then went and got my running shoes on and did a 1-mile run.

A 1-mile run isn’t very far considering race day it’s a 13-mile run off the bike, but it’s usually the first mile that really, really sucks.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially with my ankle issues, but it was fantastic!! Ava biked beside me and chit chatted the whole way which made the mile go fast, but I actually felt great! I kept analyzing how I felt, whether I could feel ankle pain or not, whether my legs were tired… but no complaints.


I haven’t run very far lately, and not even sure I will run far before the race. I am too worried about aggravating the ankle. If I do that race day it’s fine, but keep it healthy until race day!

Last year, the furthest I ran before the race was 7 miles, and I was 25 lbs heavier. Not that it is recommended to do that, but it shows that determination and encouragement from the support crew does trump training sometimes!!

Its just not as fun. And my goal is to have fun.

But if I come off the bike happy, I will finish the run happy. No lofty goals, just enjoy the race more than last year 😉

17 Days Until Race Day!!

I just have to share a picture of me after a swim… this picture was taking at least 20 minutes after I finished my swim, and probably closer to 30 minutes after.

I always had issues with goggles either leaking or else so tight they felt like they were sucking my eyeballs out of my head.

John was using Aquasphere Vista googles and suggested I try them, I have been using them for most of the time I have been doing triathlon, but the worst part is that they are so suctioned to my head, the marks stay for a long time!! Lol!

I have been told to loosen them, but I always press the goggles to my face to make sure they don’t leak so I think they will leave marks either way!!


I don’t miss a lot of foods in eating the Keto way, but I do miss sushi (the non-raw fish kind). I don’t really eat rice, though occasionally it’s fine. But this past week I found a recipe for keto friendly sushi and I had to try it!

Instead of rice it uses “riced” cauliflower. I had picked some up at Costco last week, so it was perfect timing. The recipe called for cooking the cauliflower first, but I was too lazy and wanted to eat it sooner rather than later.

So I kept the cauliflower raw, and mixed it with cream cheese. I had Nori sheets from about 6 months ago, so they were a little dryer than their normal dryness and were starting to crumble.

But I was determined.

I very carefully spread the cauliflower/cream cheese mixture onto a sheet of Nori that was still mostly whole. Then I added small strips of cucumber. The recipe called for avocado at this stage as well, but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to run to the store, since going for avocado meant I would end up spending over $100 on other things I suddenly remembered I “needed”.

I had prepared all of this on a piece of saran wrap since I don’t have one of those bamboo sheets for rolling sushi on. I carefully rolled the cauliflower/cream cheese mixture and the cucumber up, trying not to roll the saran into it.

Then the hardest part was letting it chill in the fridge for a few hours to firm up, so it didn’t fall apart when I cut it.

Finally, I got to eat it. It was great!! I will totally make this again, except buy the avocado, since I love avocado, and it is such a great healthy source of fat.

The Stupid Scale

I really can’t tell you what my real weight is at this point, except that I am in the low 150’s. That silly number fluctuates so much from day to day, I don’t know what to think.

Last Saturday morning I was 151 lbs. I was happy.

Monday morning I was 154 lbs. I was frustrated because my weekend was excellent as far as working out and food choices were concerned.

This morning I was 153 lbs. I stepped on the scale this afternoon after sleeping (On night shift last night) , and I was 151.5 lbs.

So no clue what I actually weigh, but whatever.

Just makes me grumpy when it flip-flops like that.

But I am still excited for race day in 2 1/2 weeks!!

P.S. I finally figured out how to get those silly Fitness Singles ads off my site… I think.  Hope it worked!!  

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