The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy – And Reached 20 lb Weight Loss!!

Usually I can get a post written at least by Tuesday night… but this week has gotten away from me!! As busy as it has been, I managed to get in for a massage today, and it was absolutely fantastic!!

I do not go for massages often, but now that my training has increased, my body is feeling it. There are so many benefits of massage therapy – its not just for relieving aches and pains, though it is great for that.

Anyways, last week I had so much tension in my neck and shoulders, I decided it was high time for a massage and booked an appointment with Anna at Lethbridge Thai Massage.

Anna does an awesome deep tissue massage that also includes some elements of traditional Thai massage. From what I understand, Thai massages are generally done on a mat on the floor, and includes kneading and positioning to work with the “energy flow”.

Well the deep tissue massage is on a regular massage table, but for some of it, she gets on the table to do different stretches and even gets her knees into my tight hamstrings…. it is seriously fantastic!!

And like this picture, she also does the hands, which feels surprisingly good! I never thought of tension in my hands, but I definitely felt tightness in there while she was massaging it.

I have only ever had Anna as my massage therapist at Lethbridge Thai Massage so I recommend her, but there are two other therapists there as well and they have a long list of services they provide. It is a little pricier than some other places, but worth the treat once in a while.

On their website and on the door when you walk in are the words “100% non-sexual”….

Now, before going to this place, I have never gone to a Thai massage place. But now I am pretty sure I will never go to a Thai massage place that does not have this explicitly written….

…. Because apparently it is necessary to make that clear!


Is It Worth It?

If you do not regularly go for massages, there are so many reasons to make it a regular occurrence in your life.

1. Massages can help improve your immune system. Having a massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which is the system that helps your body get rid of waste and toxins.

2. Massages can lower high blood pressure – at least for a little while.

3. When you have a massage, endorphins (those feel good things) are released. According to, this can “help to decrease anxiety, provide pain relief, improve mood and enhance a person’s state of well-being”.

4. Having a massage can help you sleep better!!

And if you are an athlete, a deep tissue or sports massage can help release muscles that are protesting the amount of training you might be doing, and can prevent injury or treat an injury you may already have.

Deep tissue massage can also relieve delayed onset muscle soreness…

So I have booked two more massages before I go to St. George, and one for the week after I get back from the race! Though the one after the race won’t be in the 24-72 hour window that I will be the most sore, it is still bound to help me!



Weight Loss







Well, in the weight loss world, I am a turtle loser….S-L-O-W. But I am also proof that if you just keep plugging away at it, the weight does eventually come off!! When I stepped on the scale Monday morning, I was 155.5, which is 20.5 lbs lost since November.

Most of my adult life I have been around this weight. The only time I weighed less was before I had my gallbladder removed in my mid 20s….and that was because most things I ate besides dry crackers would make me violently throw up!!

So I am at a pretty exciting point where the scale is concerned! I continue to not enjoy weighing myself, but I am internalizing more and more that it is simply one tool I can use to measure my progress.

My next milestone will be getting to the 140’s. At the rate I am going, it will be another month or so before I get there….but that is OK!

Last Week

Last week was pretty uneventful. I had a swim and a couple of bikes and didn’t run once. I ran today and after 9 minutes on the treadmill, my irritating ankle/calf issue showed up. I couldn’t run anymore, so thought I would get on the stair climber.

It felt great and was a good workout, until 15 minutes into that, same issue started.

I need to book a physio appointment, because if this shows up during the race, there is the danger of not finishing because I have a hard time putting any weight on it!

Anna massage my lower legs really well, but I could still faintly feel it walking around after that, so it is obviously something I need to get looked at.

I did paint all day Saturday so I figured that was a good enough arm workout 😉

I haven’t made any early morning gym trips. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to go before work. I know if I got all lunches made the night before and had my stuff ready to go, I could easily go run for half hour, come home shower and be at work on time.

But I just don’t want to.

I like to drink my coffee, read, and enjoy the only half hour to an hour of quiet in my day. I hate to give that up, but I should be now, if only a couple times per week!

Oh Yea…


I had a glass of wine and 2-3 squares of 90% Lindt Chocolate every night last week… and still lost weight. So I will probably not give those things up any time soon!


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