Moonlight Run Recap… and the Rest of My Week!

I followed through with my plan… and ran the Moonlight Run! To be completely honest, in the days leading up to the run, I hoped there was going to be bad weather so I would have a decent excuse not to run. I was just getting really nervous! It had been so long since I did an actual race on my own, and one that I knew I wanted to do my best to see what time I could get.

But I haven’t done a lot of run training in the last month or two. It has been sporadic at best, and I had not run at all since the outdoor “run” that I ended up limping home from a few weeks ago.

So I didn’t know what to expect…

Race Day

Saturday morning I was busy doing all the regular Saturday morning stuff… laundry, dishes, more laundry, etc.

I suddenly remembered I would need to pick up my race package in Lethbridge. I didn’t know if I could pick it up right before the race, so thought I better pick it up earlier.

So I made plans to go into Lethbridge just after lunch to do that. But, as often happens in this house, plans quickly change.

John and Kiera have been looking for a vehicle for her that fit her budget for a while now. She turns 16 in a few months, and wanted a vehicle before that so she could practice driving in her own vehicle.

Well, they found a deal on something she wanted…. in Medicine Hat.

So with some quick time calculations, we figured we could pick up the race package, sign up Kiera and her friend last minute for the Moonlight Run, do a “quick” drive to Medicine Hat to buy the vehicle, and be home in time to change and drive back to Lethbridge for the race….

Well, we did manage to get all that done Saturday afternoon, and the good part was I was too busy to be nervous! We got back home at 6:30, and left for the race at 7:00. The race started at 8, so I got there in plenty of time 😉

On the way to Lethbridge, I watched a You Tube video on how to tape my ankle with KT Tape, just for a little extra support. I also wore compression calf sleeves, hoping all this would help me not have any issues!

The 10 KM

As always, right before the run started, my stomach was in a bundle of knots.

I started thinking about what I had eaten during the day. I actually don’t remember what I ate, besides a dry Greek Salad from McDonalds (didn’t check the bag before leaving McDonalds….no fork and no dressing), and 3 creams in my Tim Hortons coffee.

I know I ate something in the morning, I just don’t remember what.

Was it enough?

When the horn sounded to start, I just tried to relax and settle in to an easy pace. I seen John on the sidelines, trying to find me, but he didn’t see me…. there were a lot of people there!! He took this picture without actually seeing me 😉 It’s pretty fuzzy….

There is a flat, or slightly downhill, 3-4 blocks before going down the big hill into the river valley.

I love running downhill. Years ago, while running coulees with a friend, she taught me that downhill running is just controlled falling….

If you try to slow yourself down, you are constantly braking, and that puts a lot of pressure on your quads, which makes them tired for the rest of the race.

So downhill is fun for me and pretty quick. But when it flattens out at the bottom, that’s when the real test starts.

Due to our lovely weather lately with the snow and melt, there were a lot of puddles on the route. In the beginning, I tried avoiding them, but eventually gave in and just splashed through them.

I reminded myself that if this were a trail race, I wouldn’t think twice about running through puddles or streams….

I felt great at the first out and back, but started second guessing myself at the turn off where the 10km runners broke off from the 6 km runners.

Questions started going through my head…. should I back off? I felt great, but I was only a third through my race. I almost was waiting for things to start falling apart.

But I decided while I felt good, to keep running at a good pace for me. If I ended up not doing well later on, I would deal with that then, but was not going to borrow trouble.

I focused on trying to find people I knew. Most people running the race are way faster than I am, so since we were on another out and back, I was looking at the people running towards me. (Keep in mind it is dark out, so even with a headlamp, this is not an easy task!!)

I did see about 3 people I knew, but most of all it kept my mind off of what I was doing…. which was running…LOL!!

I continued feeling great, and remembered to keep my posture good, and to “drive” with my knees. This makes me land lighter and more on the balls of my feet rather than my feet slapping down or heel striking.

When I got to the hill, my strategy was to walk one light pole and run one light pole all the way up the hill. I think the hill is about 1.5 – 2km long…. but not 100% sure on that. It feels like a long way!! I stuck to my plan and it worked, though looking back I think I could have managed to run 2 light poles for every one I walked!

At the top of the hill there is probably about 4 city blocks to the finish line. I usually have a mental block near the finish line and just start walking. I am not sure why, but this is something I struggle with. Most people pick up their pace at this point, but not me!! I always have to be a little different…;)

But I happened to see “short Sherry” in front of me. I remember her from my trail running days. She is about 5 feet tall, over 60 years old, and my goal at the top of the hill was to try to keep up with her until the finish line…. just sayin’.

She pulled ahead of me, but I managed to stay within 15-20 feet of her and ran all the way to the line!!

The Finish

I finished the race with jello legs, but feeling absolutely fantastic. I have not felt this sense of satisfaction over a race since my first half-marathon, which was many years ago.

I ran a good race and was incredibly happy about it!! My clock time was 1:02, which is just under a 10 minute mile. While this is slower than most peoples warm up pace, this is a great time for me. I would like to get under an hour for 10 km, but for now, I am happy 😀

We didn’t stick around for the free pizza and donuts, because we don’t eat that anyways ;).

The Monday Morning Weigh In

I was up half a pound this morning, 157.5, which I was not surprised at. Last week I just wanted to eat all the time. I wasn’t hungry but just wanted food.

I kept it to keto food, but I am sure overdid it calorie wise.

But it also enlightened me a little. I have a thing for Coke Zero. I know it is garbage, but sometimes when it is on sale I buy myself a case for a treat.

Last week I think I had 2 Coke Zeros every day.

The experts say that while diet sodas are calorie free, the aspartame tricks your body into thinking it is getting sweets, and therefore makes you crave more, or want to eat more. I really believe this is true now!

The fact that aspartame is linked to alzheimer’s should be enough to keep me away from it.

This Week

Right now I am walking around as if I am on wooden legs… I am SO SORE!! Lol… I need a good bike ride to get rid of this DOMS! (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Going downstairs this morning to do laundry was an interesting excursion. In involved one stair at a time, going sideways, holding onto the railing…

The plan today is to bike this morning and swim tonight. Though snow is our reality again today, I need to not be a sissy and start driving in it. Less than 7 weeks until race day and I need to be swimming often!!

I plan to bike again tomorrow and since I am working Wednesday and Thursday, I plan to run at the gym before work on both days. Its crunch time!

Hot yoga and/or bike Friday, and run Saturday….maybe even with the group!! I really miss running with people.

Have a great week everyone!!






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